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Winter Holiday Activities for Seniors

As important as it is to keep our elderly loved ones safe, it is equally important to keep them entertained. Wintertime may be a difficult time for many, with the shorter and darker days, the nostalgic holiday time and the stress pushing on us from all sides. That’s why in the winter it’s more important than ever to keep the fun and activities coming.

And since you, my readers, seemed to enjoy my fall’s guide for senior activities, I’ve decided to give you a few tips for the wintertime as well.

Indoor Activities

Sometimes, the wind and snowstorms just make us feel like we want to stay at home for the weekend. And that’s perfectly fine! There are many great things to do at home with an elderly loved one and the whole family.

Cooking and Baking

Whether you decide to bake your favorite holiday treats, try out foreign recipes, make a batch of chilli for everyone to enjoy during a family party or make a homemade egg nog, the kitchen is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your senior loved one. You can learn their favorite recipe, and aside from having fun you’ll also end up with a bunch of – very likely excellent – food.

Holiday crafts

Making a festive centerpiece, a wreath, scene display or arrangement, crocheting, drawing holiday-themed window murals or crafting gifts – those are just a few examples of things that are fun to do not only for seniors, but for the whole family while being warm and cozy at home during the long winter nights. It’s a great way to keep everyone busy and it serves as pleasant mental training, too.

Indoor gardening

Gardening in general is proven to be one of the most relaxing and stimulating activities out there. But there’s no reason to lay down the rake during the winter months – there are ways to enjoy the benefits of gardening during winter, such as planting your favorite flowers or herbs indoors. Indoor gardening is a safe hobby with little risk and a great outcome.

Game nights

Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo, solitaire, Monopoly or chess! Board and social games are perfect for spending a lot of time with friends and family while also providing unmatched brain stimulation, all that while having a great deal of fun.

Outdoor Activities

Staying inside is great, but every now and then it’s good to get out there and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Parades and tree lightings

One of the most beautiful things about the winter is that it is filled with various holiday-themed and family friendly events outdoors, such as tree lightings or holiday parades. Engaging in the local community while enjoying the start of the holiday season together can become a beautiful family tradition that everyone is looking forward to.

Holiday themed culture events

Find out about the concerts, movies and theater performances, art exhibitions and other interesting and educational events in your area. If you are a fan of art, the holidays are a great time to enjoy some of it with the elderly members of your family. Dressing up and going out for some culture can be as enjoyable for the kids as for the grandparents.


If the grandparents are healthy and feeling up to it, why not take them snow walking or ice skating? It’s the season after all, plus a healthy amount of outdoor exercise will do everyone good. Just make sure everyone stays warm, and that safety doesn’t get left behind in the whirlwind of fun. Or if sports are too demanding an activity for your senior loved one, how about engaging them in a snow fort construction or snowman building with the kids?

Catching up with friends

During the holidays we all tend to feel a little more nostalgic and a little more connected to all the people who are important to us. Offer your elderly relative a drive to see their friends or offer to help organize a game night or a tea party. Socialization is known to make people feel more engaged and happy, and that’s extremely important during all times of the year, but during the holidays especially.