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Smart Apps for Smart Aging

Earlier in May, I asked you the following question: What senior tech are you embracing? Today I’d like to come back to it in a way, and ask you a similar question: being familiar with tech, do you use any good apps to make your older relatives’ lives easier?

Like I said before, there’s absolutely no discussion about our aging loved ones being fully capable of getting online and making use of tech gadgets, given the time and care to teach them the basics. And it’s not just about getting your folks familiar with modern technology, it’s also about making their life easier in so many ways.

Thankfully, there are a number of developers who came up with some brilliant tools to help caregivers keep an eye on elderly peoples’ health and well-being, or to give a helping hand to the elderly themselves when attending to their everyday affairs.

In today’s article I’ve taken the liberty to handpick some useful mobile and tablet apps that will bring some more independence and invaluable help into the daily life of those who need it.


Fall Safety Pro (iOS)
The Fade (Android)

Both of these apps act through activity trackers and monitor sudden movements in the case of a fall. The app will detect a lack of activity or a sudden movement, and after a short warning period, it will notify an emergency contact, providing them with the exact time and place of the fall.
According to the CDC statistic from January 2016, one out of five fall accidents cause a serious injury such as a fracture or a head injury. Prevention is everything, but once it happens, a timely response and treatment is vital.

Medisafe Pill Reminder (iOS, Android)

As we grow older, the amount of medication we have to take on a daily basis keeps growing as well. It gets harder to keep track of all the pills and the appropriate times they need to be taken. With older people the risks of mixing up or forgetting a medication are even bigger, especially if it’s something as important as blood pressure meds or meds for keeping sugar levels under control.

To make sure your loved one will never forget to take the right pill again, MediSafe Inc. presents this free app that will send a reminder to their phone, telling them exactly when to take what, including pill shapes and colors.


EyeReader (iOS)
Magnifier (Android)

A smartphone has many uses we wouldn’t have even thought of 10 years ago. Becoming a pocket magnifying glass is definitely one of them. Whether it’s for reading a book more comfortably or having a quick look at an antique while shopping, these apps will use the camera of the phone as a magnifier, even turning on the flashlight when additional light is required.

Petralex Hearing Aid (iOS, Android)

This excellent app will test its owner’s hearing capabilities, but the main function is that it works as a regular hearing app. It offers a variety of settings such as the use of the headset or device microphone, profiles for different kinds of sound environments, and many more. And the best thing? You can set the app up in the comfort of your home, without the urgent need of visiting a specialist for it (although a thorough check-up and diagnosis is strongly recommended).


Park’n’Forget (iOS)
PinPark (Android)

These apps may not only be a great help to your forgetful relative, but the younger generation can make use of this idea as well. I don’t know about you, but even I occasionally forget where I’ve left my car in a garage or mall parking lot. For you and me, this is an annoyance that may well make the app worth it. For the elderly, this can cause a great distress. With this app, it won’t happen again.

VoucherCloud (iOS, Android)

This little app will deliver discount coupons for local shops, restaurants, online shops and more, straight to the screen of your smartphone. You can either search for bargains based on your location or based on your interests, and you’ll always get the best price for anything you set your eye on. For older people, this is a great opportunity to cut down on costs.

Words With Friends (iOS, Android)

I decided to add this app as a little bonus for everyone who loves Scrabble or any other word game. It’s social, mind-stimulating and fun. The app lets you play with people from your contact list, or you can compete against strangers from all over the world.

Do you have any other tips for good apps for making aging easier? If so, please share! I’d love to hear about them and add them to the list, so that everyone can profit from these great tools becoming available in the online era.