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Senior Citizen Art Contest

If you’re a senior citizen and an artist, here’s your chance to get your work on display. The Area Agency on Aging District 7 is sponsoring their 34th annual senior citizen art exhibit. Almost every type of art is accepted, with past entries including acrylic, charcoal, counted cross stitch, mixed media, oil, pastels, pencil, and photography. They’ll also accept sculpture and other items which can’t be hung, but there are size limitations; and there’s a special category for writing, both essay and poetry. Basically, if you’re doing anything artistic, and you’re over the age of 55, now’s your chance to compete and possibly have your art displayed (they’ll accept up to three pieces from each applicant).

You still have a couple of weeks until the deadline, Monday, May 2nd. Winners will have their art displayed at the Greer Museum on the University of Rio Grande campus towards the end of May and beginning of June.

If you’re not yet an artist, yourself, then consider this fair warning for next year. With this being their 34th event, the odds are good that they’ll be doing it again next year, so you have time to perfect your skills. And whether or not you want to compete this year, or are really going to try to compete next year, why not stop by and see the art your fellow seniors are creating? You can even take it one step farther: there’s a Meet The Artists tea on June 3rd, from 1:00PM to 3:00PM. Why not make the whole experience a little more special by seeing both the art and the artists?

For those of you who wish to enter, here’s a link to the application form, which also has all of the rule details.

Good luck!