The following seminars are offered for CPA’s, financial planners and insurance agents for continuing education credits. These are not consumer oriented seminars. Registration links are at the bottom of this post.

Friday, December 11, 2020 @ 8:45 AM – 12:00 PM
via ZOOM online of course

▸ Review of all new changes resulting from Ohio’s conversion to an SSI/1634 State
▸ Review all new resource eligibility rules
▸ Miller Trusts (aka Qualified Income Trusts) now required for many applicants
▸ Problems with clients not using Miller trusts correctly; caseworkers now requiring stricter compliance
▸ New rule for Residence exemption for single persons & our success with exemptions
▸ Medicaid Transfer rule; more changes and problems
▸ Resource exemptions for the community spouse (spouse at home)
▸ Restrictions on Medicaid annuities and planning opportunities
▸ Annuities used for planning & related malpractice of agents
▸ Medicaid Transfer rule; not just 5 years but an ineligibility period beginning after spend down!
▸ Office procedures to avoid malpractice
▸ Long Term Care Insurance for nursing home costs
▸ Additional Medicaid exemptions for persons with Partnership Plan Policies
▸ Assisted Living rules for Medicaid
▸ Many other planning options to protect the estate and qualify for Medicaid
▸ Why your clients should not be giving their assets to their children
▸ Special Needs Trusts under Medicaid law for children with disabilities

(also approved as “The Complete Trust Course”)
Thursday, December 10, 2020 @ 8:45 AM – 12:00 PM

Trusts are usually the centerpiece in estate planning for high net worth individuals. Therefore, it is important to understand some fundamentals about trusts and the specifics of the many types of trusts used in estate planning.

▸ This presentation will cover fundamental legal principles of trust law to help you be able to read a trust document and understand legal terminology.
▸ Comprehensive Review of a Trust Document; this will help you in your discussions with the attorney who drafted the document.
▸ Rights of beneficiaries that apply even if contrary to the trust.
▸ Avoiding probate with a revocable living trust; common mistakes by clients; comparison to TOD, POD accounts and beneficiary designations; disadvantages of the latter.
▸ How to explain trusts to clients; Trust Terminology review
▸ A-B Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, Incentive Trusts, Spendthrift Trusts, Trusts for second marriages
▸ Estate tax planning under the higher exclusion amount ($11,580,000 for 2020)
▸ A-B Trusts compared to the portability election; pitfalls of portability
▸ Asset Protection Trusts to protect clients from lawsuits
▸ Ohio Legacy Trust Act: an asset protection trust under Ohio law
▸ Foreign Asset Protection Trusts under laws of other countries
▸ Perpetual Dynasty Trusts that continue to provide protection and avoid estate tax for grandchildren and beyond
▸ Many other different types of trusts will be covered


The above seminars have been approved for CE credit by the Ohio Department of Insurance. There is no exam required to obtain CE credit. Michael Millonig LLC is registered with the Accountancy Board of Ohio as a Continuing Education Sponsor. Asset Protection Planning for Nursing Home Costs and The Ohio Trust Code (“The Complete Trust Course”) are each approved for 3 CE Credits.

REFUND POLICY: Cancellations received by 5:00 PM two business days prior to the seminar will be refunded less a $15 office fee. Those not attending will receive the course materials in full consideration of tuition paid.

TUITION: Tuition is $60 per seminar if pre-registered and paid two business days prior to the day of the seminar. Registration on the day before or the day of the seminar is $70.00. There is a discount if you pre-register for two courses (see below).

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