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Hospitals Now Must Provide Notice About Observation Status

All hospitals must now give Medicare recipients notice when they are in the hospital under observation status. The notice requirement is part of a law enacted in 2015 but that Read More

Ohio Medicaid & The American Health Care Act

American Health Care Act & Effect on Ohio Medicaid The American Health Care Act (i.e., repeal of Obamacare) includes significant changes to the Medicaid program. The proposal is for a Medicaid Read More

Ways To Help Out Seniors In Your Community

When it comes to seniors, every helping hand counts. Not every senior has a caring family, and not every family can afford a professional caregiver. If you’re not a caregiver Read More

Robots as Caregivers

Robotics is one of the branches of science that is undergoing the fastest advancements, and we can see its fruits in almost every industry: computing, construction, agriculture, military, entertainment, and Read More

Dealing With A Relative Who Doesn’t Want Care

How to care for someone who doesn’t want care (but needs it)? One of the many sides of aging that we often fail to see in advance is the need of Read More

Winter SADness

Everyone has been sad. It happens, and it’s as much a part of life as happiness is. But beware. There’s a big difference between being “just” sad, and suffering from Read More


Rec West Enrichment Center Wednesday, March 29, 20171:00p.m. to 2:30p.m.The Ohio Medicaid program has just enacted major changes; the most dramatic since its inception in 1972. Ohio has terminated its 209(b) status Read More

Nutrition during the winter months

Winter is a demanding season, some parts of our country are drowning in snowstorms, roads are under ice, the temperatures are reaching record lows, and these rapid weather changes and Read More

Hiring a professional caregiver

Caring for an aging relative is a natural thing to do for some, but an impossible task for others. It doesn’t matter if you can’t become a full-time caregiver because Read More

Beware Block Grants

President-elect Donald Trump has indicated in his platform that he was in favor of block grants for the Medicaid program. This is not a new idea. The Republican party has Read More

A Holiday Survival Guide for Caregivers

For most of us, while we love the holiday season, there’s also a crazy amount of stress — stress related to managing the household, the family and all the related Read More

Holiday Gift Tips: Gifts for Caregivers

I don’t know about you, but it’s often hard for me to think of gifts for everyone. So, I’ve decided to make it at least a little easier for you Read More

IMPORTANT: Ohio Medicaid Changes in Effect from August, 2016

There have been many changes to the Ohio Medicaid program that went into effect on August 1, 2016. I have updated the Ohio Medicaid page on my website with all Read More

Winter Holiday Activities for Seniors

As important as it is to keep our elderly loved ones safe, it is equally important to keep them entertained. Wintertime may be a difficult time for many, with the Read More

Therapy Pets For The Elderly

Sometimes, a cat’s purr while dozing off on your lap, or a dog’s happy tail-wag is all one needs to make the day a better one. Nobody needs to be Read More

Winter 2016: Senior Fall Prevention Tips

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has previously issued research that brought to light some alarming numbers related to falls of the elderly and their consequences. According to the Read More

Viewing 129 - 144 out of 192 posts