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Funerals can be very expensive. You can avoid the greatest expense by simply not having a service at a funeral home. However, there are other things that need to be Read More

Consumer Reports: Who Will Care for You?

The October issue of Consumer Reports has its cover story entitled “Who Will Care for You?” The article focuses on elder care decisions at the assisted-living level. See It is Read More

Social Security Beneficiaries Will Receive a 2 Percent Increase in 2018

In 2018, Social Security recipients will get their largest cost of living increase in benefits since 2012, but the additional income will likely be largely eaten up by higher Medicare Read More

Hospital Observation Status & Medicare

All hospitals must now give Medicare recipients notice when they are in the hospital under observation status. The law was intended to prevent surprises after a Medicare beneficiary spends days Read More

New IRS exemptions for 2018: Estate & Gift Tax

The federal estate tax exemption for persons dying in 2018 has been increased with the annual inflation adjustment to $5,600,000. The inflation adjustment for gift tax effective for gifts in 2018 Read More

Nursing Home Costs Rise Sharply in 2017

The median cost of a private nursing home room in the United States has increased to $97,455 a year, up 5.5 percent from 2016, according to Genworth 2017 Cost of Read More

Graham-Cassidy bill and Ohio Medicaid

The most recent version of the Republican bill to repeal Obamacare again proposes a block grant model for the State Medicaid programs. The federal funds given to the State Medicaid Read More

Elder Care Choices

The October issue of Consumer Reports has its cover story entitled “Who Will Care for You?” The article focuses on elder care decisions at the assisted-living level. See It is Read More

Avoiding Probate without using a Trust; Joint, POD & TOD Accounts

An estate plan can be set up to avoid probate without use of a Revocable Living Trust. For persons with a small estate consisting of only a few assets, a Read More

Revocable Living Trusts to Avoid Probate

Setting up a revocable living trust for the purpose of avoiding probate has become a popular estate plan in recent decades. The consumer movement to avoid probate began in the Read More

Using a Prepaid Funeral Contract to Spend Down Assets for Medicaid

No one wants to think about his or her death, but a little preparation in the form of a prepaid funeral contract can be useful. In addition to helping your Read More


Last August 1, 2016, The Ohio Medicaid program had major changes to all eligibility rules. We have had one year of experience with these changes. This presentation will review all Read More

Medicaid & Life Estates under Ohio Medicaid

The phrase “life estate” often comes up in discussions of estate and Medicaid planning, but what exactly does it mean? A life estate is a form of joint ownership that Read More

How Medicare and Employer Coverage Coordinate

Medicare benefits start at age 65, but many people continue working past that age, either by choice or need. It is important to understand how Medicare and employer coverage work Read More

Ohio Governor Kasich Veto of Ohio Medicaid Expansion Freeze

The Ohio General Assembly inserted into the state budget bill a provision that would stop new enrollment for the Medicaid expansion group beginning July 1, 2018. Governor Kasich vetoed this Read More

Ohio Medicaid Residence Exemption for Single Persons

The Ohio Medicaid rule governing the exemption of a residence for a single person changed as of last August 2016. A single person who enters a nursing home must spend Read More

Viewing 97 - 112 out of 192 posts