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  • Ohio Governor Kasich Veto of Ohio Medicaid Expansion Freeze

Ohio Governor Kasich Veto of Ohio Medicaid Expansion Freeze

The Ohio General Assembly inserted into the state budget bill a provision that would stop new enrollment for the Medicaid expansion group beginning July 1, 2018. Governor Kasich vetoed this provision on June 30. Presently, the General Assembly is attempting to get together enough votes to override this veto. There has been some confusion and concern among my clients whether, if this does pass overriding the veto, it would affect their existing or expected eligibility for Medicaid payments of nursing home costs. It would not. The Medicaid expansion group is a totally different eligibility group. This group of eligible persons was added as part of Obamacare and grants eligibility for persons meeting certain qualifications and who do not qualify under any other group. If the applicant is under age 65 and not on Medicare, he/she may be eligible for this expansion group which is also known as MAGI group eligibility. A single individual is eligible if their income is less than 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Again, even if this Medicaid expansion group is eliminated or restricted, this will have no effect on Medicaid eligibility for persons in nursing homes who are or may be eligible for Medicaid payment of their nursing home bill.