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  • National Senior Health & Fitness Day 2016

National Senior Health & Fitness Day 2016

The 23rd Annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day will take place on Wednesday, May 25th 2016. Over 1,000 organizations across the country will be contributing efforts to emphasize the important role of fitness in older adult’s lives.

A wide range of organizations from nursing homes, to hospitals, to health clubs will host all types of events. In addition to health fairs, there will also be group exercising and walking tours. With over 10,000 Seniors expected to participate this year, it is considered the nation’s largest senior health promotion event!

One of the main goals of this event is to bring awareness to the great impact simple health and fitness initiatives can have on older adults. While it is of course natural to experience some frailty with age, maintaining a healthy diet and level of activity can greatly reduce the complications that often arise from being in poor physical condition. By incorporating regular fitness, strength training, and nutritional programs, many long-term care facilities have experienced lower reports of injuries, falls, and other complications and illnesses often associated with inactive seniors.

The first step towards a healthier, active lifestyle is learning how to get there. Will you and your loved ones be participating on May 25? Be sure to check with your local organizations to find out who will be hosting these great events!

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