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  • IMPORTANT: Ohio Medicaid Changes in Effect from August, 2016

IMPORTANT: Ohio Medicaid Changes in Effect from August, 2016

There have been many changes to the Ohio Medicaid program that went into effect on August 1, 2016. I have updated the Ohio Medicaid page on my website with all these changes. A short summary of these changes is as follows:

The basic resource limit for an individual is now $2000. It was previously $1500.

A single person can have one exempt car of any value if it is used for transportation. The prior rule limited this exemption to $4500.

There is now an income eligibility limit. The prior income spend down rule for Ohio has been repealed. Income eligibility is determined by comparing the applicant’s countable income to the applicable standard. If income is less than or equal to the applicable standard, then income eligibility is established. If it is over the standard (even one dollar over), the applicant is ineligible.   If the applicant does not pass the income test, they can create a special trust called a Qualified Income Trust (aka Miller Trust) which can be used to achieve eligibility.

Many of these changes affect persons who have already been determined to be eligible.

For more information, go to my Ohio Medicaid page.