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  • Holiday Gift Tips: Gifts for Caregivers

Holiday Gift Tips: Gifts for Caregivers

I don’t know about you, but it’s often hard for me to think of gifts for everyone. So, I’ve decided to make it at least a little easier for you this year, and give you a few gift ideas for your caregiving friends and relatives. Original and helpful gifts are “in” during every season, and here are some less-commercial gifts that may be just what the doctor ordered.

Gift ideas for caregivers

Motto: “A little me time is the best gift for giving.”

Takeovers and coffee breaks

Being able to take a regular rest is absolutely vital in order for a caregiver to stay energized and sane. Their job is very physically and mentally demanding, and sometimes they just want to get out for a bit to recharge. You can help them out by one of the following ways:

  • Make them a takeover coupon – offer to fill in when they need a few hours or a day off.
  • Make a book of coupons, offering several ways you can help out occasionally.
  • Make them a coffee break schedule with a Starbucks coupon attached.
  • Offer a regular weekly meeting over a coffee or some good wine and food.

Tickets and subscriptions

It’s in a caregiver’s nature not to put themselves first. Try to remind them of the importance of it. Entertainment is a great cure for dark-mindedness, sadness and exhaustion. Whether it’s at home or outside of it. Surprise a caregiver with a ticket or a subscription to:

  • A night at the movies
  • Dinner for two in their favorite restaurant
  • Theater or a concert of their choice
  • A weekend in the spa
  • A monthly subscription for a yoga or a gym class
  • A book or a movie club subscription

Just remember that when a caregiver goes out, they need someone to look after their senior loved one for them. Offering them a fill-in from above along with a night-out gift is a perfect combo.

Home services

Doing all the chores, thinking and caring for their loved one, a caregiver often doesn’t get to give proper thought to their own home conditions. However, maintaining a comfortable home is very important for the caregiver’s well-being. Here are some tips on how you can help:

  • Pay for a cleaning service
  • Hire a contractor for small home repairs
  • Offer to help with chores such as lawn mowing or cleaning up, yourself
  • Pay for or offer to prepare a home-cooked meal regularly

Just say thank you

Sometimes, a heartfelt word of gratitude, support, and appreciation is all it takes to make someone happy. Caregivers are selflessly spending their time on others, without ever really expecting gratitude, simply because that’s not what caregiving is about. However, that doesn’t mean that a thank you every now and then isn’t welcome and appreciated.

  • Write a greeting card where you write how much you value their work
  • Make them a gift basket with their holiday treats, gift card attached
  • Buy them a caregiver book of support and encouragement

These little gestures will mean the world to all the people out there, living their lives serving and caring for their loved ones. Knowing that someone appreciates their efforts and cares about them too is one of the best gifts out there. So whether you’re still shopping in advance or are looking for a last-minute solution, I’m sure many of the above tips can help you out. Happy holidays!