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Estate Planning Seminars

The most popular seminar that I present to community groups is “Protecting Your Estate From Nursing Home Costs.” However, I present other estate planning topics that are just as good if not better. Estate Planning & Elder Law: An Overview is a great presentation that covers all areas of estate planning. It is probably the best seminar in the sense that it covers a little bit of everything. My Trust seminar is also popular. People are always talking about trusts but I find that they really do not understand much about trusts. This seminar clears up a lot of misconceptions especially with the common Revocable Living Trust that is used to avoid probate. Estate Planning for Funerals & Burial is a new seminar that I have done for a few years. I cover not only the estate planning aspects but offer some practical ways to do a low cost funeral service and burial (or cremation). The Asset Protection & Offshore Trusts and Advanced Estate Tax Planning for Estates over Five Million Dollars seminars are for a more limited audience but are very interesting.

I have been doing these seminars for over 30 years and am always willing to present to any community groups or professionals for continuing education. Please contact my office if you want to schedule a seminar.