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Cryonics and Nature

I just saw an interesting episode of the BBC America show, Weird Wonders. Part of the show was about how the arctic ground squirrel managed to survive during the winter by having its blood frozen. It also explained that it did not form damaging ice crystals due to the blood containing no impurities. This was Weird Wonders, season one, episode three with the description: “A man gets drunk without drinking alcohol; molecular music.”

The field of Cryonics, advocated by Alcor and The Cryonics Institute, attempts to accomplish the same thing for human beings. Although this may seem like science fiction, it seems more possible when you consider this has been done by the arctic ground squirrel. For more information on the cryonics and the arctic ground squirrel see the following links:

For information on special trusts and other estate planning for cryonics patients, see /practice-areas/cryonics/