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Celebrating Spring with Your Seniors

It’s Spring! (OK, we still have a few days left, but preparing for Spring a few days before the actual vernal equinox seems much more reasonable than the questionable move of the commencement of daylight savings time to last week).

The commencement of Spring, unsurprisingly, has been incredibly impactful on they psyche of man. The end of Winter, the time of rebirth, where the days of starvation and freezing are behind, and it’s time to plant the crops. While Passover and Easter are wonderful religious traditions, they’re also clear markings of the beginning of Spring, enshrined into religion. But while many of us in Ohio follow our religions devoutly, we also have some more secular Spring traditions that we follow. Spring cleaning. The beginning of yard-sale season. Maybe the long drive up to Traverse City to watch the cherry blossoms.

But as always, these traditions change over time. Your parents and grand parents probably did all of those things I just mentioned, but they probably also had traditions of their own. As always, this is a great time to ask your elders — I’m sure they have great stories about the springtime traditions from their childhood, particularly if they’re first or second generation immigrants. Although it’s too early for me to find announcements, I’m sure there will be plenty of Maypoles put up in communities around the area. Taking your elders out to watch the dancing might be a great deal of fun. But depending on where your family originated, you might find any number of surprising traditions, from the burning of the Böög to throwing water at the little girl next door.

And of course, there are the much more modern traditions — Opening Day in baseball, and the heigh of trout fishing.

In fact, if it’s not already a tradition, with six minor-league baseball teams spread across the state, going to opening day with your grandparents may be a great Spring tradition for you to start. Minor league baseball is exactly the kind of thing that’s great fun for the entire family, regardless of age.

But, whatever you do, go engage in some springtime activity with your elders. As Winter draws to a close, you all deserve it.