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Annual Mental Examination

An annual physical with a doctor is something most of us do. Especially as we get older or if we have a medical problem it is important to monitor our health. What about our mental health? Have you ever thought of having an annual mental checkup? Probably not. I suggest that you should consider this for legal reasons related to your estate planning.

Unfortunately, some family members or other friends often take advantage of an older person by exerting influence on them to change their will or “loan” them money. This is a very common form of elder abuse. If there is a will contest after the person dies or other legal action, a necessary piece of evidence will be proof of the person’s mental competency or lack thereof at the same time as the signing of the will or other elder abuse. This requires that a doctor perform one or more of the competency evaluation tests used by doctors. Many times this medical evidence is just not available. If you had done an annual mental checkup, you would already have this in your medical records. That proof will be essential in a successful will contest or other legal action against a person taking money from a vulnerable older person.

The annual mental checkup with the doctor might even result in suggested medications, treatment or other activities that might improve your mental health.