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Ambling in April — Elderly Activities

As we head into (a very early) Easter weekend, there can be no doubt that Spring is here. And with the coming of spring, it’s time to get outside and start doing! That’s particularly true for the elderly. Everyone knows that staying active is critical for both mental and physical fitness, and that this is particularly true for the elderly. In the modern world, it’s easier than ever to maintain some level of activity during the cold days of winter. Nevertheless, we all tend to cut back a little bit. Spring is the time of rebirth, no matter your age, so let’s step into it with a spring in our step.

Around Dayton, there are lots of elderly activities — or perhaps more properly, activities which appeal to the elderly — that involve a modicum of physical activity. It doesn’t take much. There’s no need to run off and take up a martial art, or even join a yoga class. As long as you regularly engage in doing things that you love, and which involve a little moving around, you’ll be better off. Here are a few ideas for April.

Take in some art. Certainly, looking at a painting isn’t exactly physical fitness, but you’d be surprised how much walking you do, spending a few hours walking around an exhibit. If you’re looking for something fresh, Sinclair Community College is having their 2016 Juried Fine Art Student Exhibition through April 12th at the Burnell R. Roberts Triangle Gallery. From the 13th to the 30th they’ll have the Graduating Fine Art Student Portfolio Exhibit at the Hypotenuse Gallery. If you prefer a more traditional venue, you can trod the Dayton Art Institute, which has “Eye Teasers” through April 10th, “highlighting the methods artists use to create optical effects”; and “Fractured Forms“, highlighting the impact of Paul Cézanne, through April 24th. And if you like art and took offence at my comment about yoga, then Yoga At The Museum may be just the thing for you!

On the other hand, if you’re either not interested in art, or are looking for a walk that’s still beautiful, but a little more like actual walking, then there are several outdoor options, for which the April weather should just about be perfect. A great place to start is the Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm. They have trail walks that can be appropriate for any age, an on-going education program with great options for the elderly.

So, take some time this April, and shake off that dust. Summer is just around the corner, and when it gets here, you’ll be happier for having spent your spring walking around.