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  • A Cryonics Dynasty Trust for the Wood Frog

A Cryonics Dynasty Trust for the Wood Frog

The wood frog in Alaska survives all winter long in a frozen solid state. Its physiology utilizes “cryoprotectants” that enables it to survive and thaw out to resume its life in the spring. The field of Cryonics, advocated by Alcor and The Cryonics Institute, attempts to accomplish the same thing for human beings. Although this may seem unrealistic, it seems more possible when you consider this has been done by the wood frog. For more information on the wood frog see the following links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CraGaGFnMDs     https://voices.nationalgeographic.com/2013/08/21/how-the-alaska-wood-frog-survives-being-frozen/
For more information on cryonics go to: https://www.cryonics.org/   https://www.alcor.org/

A Cryonics Trust is a step-cousin of the Perpetual Dynasty Trust that I have written about in this blog and on my website. I was a speaker on this topic last Fall 2016 at the Barbados International Business Week Conference. Like the Perpetual Dynasty Trust, a Cryonics Trust is drafted to take advantage of trust laws in some States that allow a trust to continue indefinitely into the future without limitation by the traditional rule against perpetuities law. Unlike the perpetual dynasty trust, it is drafted for the benefit of the cryonics patient who will someday hopefully be revived to full life and health. This involves some complicated and unusual trust drafting that is beyond the scope of this simple blog. Remember that this person is legally dead so they cannot simply be stated as a trust beneficiary. Suffice it to say, that the trust provides for the trust funds to be available upon the revival of the cryonics patient. My website has a full page of information on all the estate planning considerations for someone considering cryopreservation.