Coronavirus & Ohio nursing homes- part II

I have been very encouraged by all the stories I have heard about nursing home staff making extra efforts to keep their residents in touch with their family. From simple visits outside the window to Zoom and Facetime arrangements being made by staff, they are all doing an extraordinary job of taking care of their residents. I am sure they are acutely aware of the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak at their facility like the one in the Kirkland, Washington nursing home. I especially want to thank St. Leonard’s  for their efforts arranging communication for my mother-in-law with her family and Bethany Lutheran Village for their extraordinary efforts to arrange for the signing of important estate planning documents for one of my clients. It is a difficult balance to protect the elderly from infection and trying to get medical, nursing, legal and other important work done that cannot be delayed. We will all get through this if we can work together.

St. Leonard’s