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Don’t Just Respect Your Elders; Honor Them

As I promised when I set out with this blog, I want to keep things focused on the positive, as much as possible. This week, I found a great, positive thing. Of course, you were taught to respect your elders, and you undoubtedly grew up in a world where you did. But, as your elders have become the elderly, why not take an opportunity to not just respect them, but to honor them?

When most people think of “Ohio” and “Hall of Fame”, they either think of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or the Football Hall of Fame. As it turns out, there are quite a few halls of fame in Ohio, but the one most apropos of this blog is the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame.

Each year since 1977, The Ohio Department of Aging has honored select elderly Ohioans for their contributions “toward the benefit of humankind after age 60, or for a continuation of efforts begun before that age”. Most years, somewhere between eight and twelve people are inducted. This year, why not try and get someone you love into the Hall of Fame?

In order to qualify, a nominee needs to have been born in Ohio, or a resident for at least ten years, be over the age of 60, and consent to the nomination (posthumous nominations are accepted, and consent can be granted by a representative). The criteria for selection are

  • The impact that the nominee’s contributions and accomplishments have had in keeping Ohio on the leading edge of innovation and responsiveness to the growing and changing aging population
  • The degree to which the nominee is a respected and vital member of society who continues to grow, thrive and contribute

You can nominate anyone who meets those criteria by writing a short, 1,000 word essay on why you think they should be inducted. Applications can be submitted online, or you can download one and submit it via the post. The deadline for submission of nominees for the 2015 hall of fame is February 15th, 2016, so you still have a couple of weeks to write that essay!

Of course, if you really feel someone you know deserves the honor, then you should submit them for induction. But even if the elderly in your life haven’t been on the leading edge of elderly innovation, I think the idea of writing a 1,000 word essay about why you’re proud of them would be an invaluable gift. I can imagine this as perhaps the perfect birthday gift from a grandchild.

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Hall of Fame photo by Mike Russell (The author created this work entirely by himself.) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

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